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Peek doesn’t work on Wayland

If you’ve recently been struggling to use Peek on your distribution, It’s probably because Peek doesn’t work on Wayland.

As it seems, I’ve gone through the very same problem, and the solution was not to use Wayland, It may seem a bit harsh, but believe me, there isn’t any other solution, at least so far!

For me, anything other than the cursor, would be black. My gif recordings were all black screen.

for doing so, you need to logout of your account, and choose x11 in the login page.

Xorg on Gnome
As you can see, It’s right bottom of the screen and says “Gnome on Xorg”.

As the developer of Peek says, I Quote:

Yes, as of now Wayland is not supported. I definitely want to support Wayland, but screen recording on Wayland currently is a bit more difficult, as there is no official Wayland screen recording API for now. There are however APIs provided by the Compositors. E.g. Weston provides one, and Gnome also has one, but I haven’t looked at it yet.

There is no official Wayland screen recording API, and that’s the reason why Peek doesn’t work on Wayland.